Thursday, March 1, 2018


Written by Natasa Ghica

Vampyr by Natasa Ghica

          Natasa Ghica’s poetry is interesting, sad, melodic, and haunting. Her poetry is not relative to me, because I don’t have an understanding of mental illnesses, including depression, anxiety, and maybe hints of PTSD. I can understand how heartbreaking those feelings can be, but because I have not personally experienced it, I cannot relate well.

          I do however like her poetry. Natasa uses many metaphors, similes, and unique forms of poetry. Some uses are a bit familiar, a bit similar to things you’d find on Tumblr. Oceans crashing, demons drowning. It can be a bit similar to sad, metal music, like Of Mice and Men, My Chemical Romance, and Evanescence.

          In addition, I like that Natasa has separated her poems into sections. They include: “The Beginning”, “The Journey”, “The Heart”, “The Awakening”, and “The Metamorphosis”.

          My favorite poems in this collection are:

6 from “The Beginning”
9, 10*, 11*, 12** from “The Journey”
1, 3, 5, 7***, 9*, 14, and 15 from “The Heart”
14 from “The Metamorphosis”

          My favorite line from the book comes from number 7 from “The Heart”. It says, “The darkness nights with you are still the brightest of my life”.

          I think out of all the poetry I’ve read this year, this is this poetry book I didn’t relate to, but I still really enjoyed and found lots of poems I enjoyed. I also think that the illustrations are beautiful! The artist, Maulina Uami, is wonderful and lovely to speak to.

*I thank Natasa Ghica for sending a complementary copy of the book to me for reviewing purposes”.

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