Friday, March 2, 2018


Target by Kate  Evans“Target”
Written by Kate Evans

“Target” is an interesting and unique reading experience. “Target” is a collection of poems, separated into the years that Kate has written them. We see Kate early on, optimistic and happy in life. Then, over the years, Kate becomes a bit sad, melancholy, perhaps she’s had some experience with mental illness. We see her grow as a person through her writing, so this feels reminiscent of a memoir. In addition to “Target”, Kate also sent me a copy of her actual memoir, “Call It Wonder”.

Not only does Kate’s experience change in the years the poems were written, we also see different writing styles, some more writing techniques, and different voices in her different years. Kate has a fascinating use of juxtaposition through her book. She also uses metaphors, personification, and unique similes. 

The poems I enjoyed most were:

1. First
2. Bed
3. Two Women on a Summer Morning
4. Housesitters
5. The Trip of a Lifetime
6. Valentine
7. Collison
8. Regeneration
9. A Life of Yes

* I received a complimentary copy for reviewing purposes. *

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