Friday, March 2, 2018


Written by Abby N. Lewis
Reticent by Abby N. Lewis

“Reticent” is a fantastic collection of poetry separated into four parts, titled with the roman numerals, I, II, III, and IV. I love the cover design, I think it’s absolutely beautiful. There are illustrations inside that are cute and sweet, and I think they’re probably drawn by Abby herself.

There are really natural and sweet poems in this collection. Some of them are sadder, some happier. They’re mostly in form of little short stories, perhaps a paragraph to two paragraphs long. Some of the poems are a little uncomfortable. For example, we have one about a slaughterhouse and one where a fish almost dies, but prematurely lays eggs that will die.

Abby’s poetry deserves a nice cup of tea, a seat on a bench by a beautiful lake, and a nice sun in the sky. I could imagine reading this on vacation in the mountains or by the beach. I plan to keep this in my car to read on road trips or on lunch breaks when I just need to clear my head.

I thoroughly enjoyed most of the poems in this collection, but the ones I enjoy the most are:

1. Circumspect *
2. A Regulated Man
3. Nocturnal Auras
4. The Proust Phenomenon **
5. Memories Ablaze **
6. Springboro, Ohio
7. The Essence of Lounging
8. Withering Willows
9. Waiting for The Dead ***
10.  Waning *
11. Golden Droplet *** (This is my favorite).
12. Desert Lake
13. Downpour of Youth
14. Uprooted

I plan to keep this book in my collection for many years.

I sincerely thank Abby N. Lewis for providing me a complimentary copy for reading and reviewing purposes.

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